Coding Coordinator

We are currently looking for someone with a multi-framework and multi-OS mindset, who is fluent in (written and spoken) English.
DOM is a multi-OS, multi-framework, and multi-language software web company. In total, there are 21 people in charge for DOM on site.
Even though we are trying to cover the whole spectrum of web technology innovations, our favourites are as follows:

  • When it comes to hosting, we prefer Linux over windows.
    Hosting makes up a huge and important part of our business, which is why we run a, usually unmanned, hosting plant in Düsseldorf.
  • Our main projects have a Drupal8 backend and some use a react, or a react-native frontend. If a backend is in need of some glue, we fall back onto Python or Javascript.

You may wonder how we are maintaining this mess with a small team. Well, that's where you come in!
If you can see yourself joining DOM and becoming our next "Coding Coordinator", you should be able to put together a Drupal8 custom module, know your way around Javascript and enjoy communicating with colleagues from all over the world. Writing briefings, joining meetings , spending your workday coding or doing research will be part of your job too.

Ach - und Deutsch sprechen wir auch. Das solltest du also auch können. Akzent und Dialekt sind egal :-)
Natürlich ist Deutsch auch unsere Umgangssprache. Dein Job erfordert aber unbedingt flüssiges Englisch.

Ein Universitätsabschluss hilft, ist aber keine Voraussetzung für eine Bewerbung

Bewerbungen bitte an

das DOM Team

Contract Work from Your Homeoffice

well obviously this kind of job is the reason for keeping this in english language.

Anstellung hier bei uns in Köln

you still need some english language skills because you may have to communicate frequently with the fellows from above job category ;-)

aber natürlich reden wir deutsch in der agentur.


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