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DOM - Driki

a drupal module that reads wikis and offers a drupal editor the ability to manage the content within drupal context.

* you'll be the developer and get all the credits for development.
* DOM funds and inititates the project and will be credited for that.
* provided the module will suffice quality demands, we'll upload it to
* this page will remain the modules homepage.


  • cache - driki has to use cache api. we don't want to read the wiki any time the node is accessed.
  • filters - driki needs to make use of drupal filters. this way we hope to be able to read in from different wiki dialects.
  • nodes and node access - driki turns any combination of wiki-page, wiki-login and chosen filter into a separate node.
  • themeable - driki output needs to be themeable.
  • multimedia - driki needs to make multimedia content in wiki pages accessible for drupal.
  • images - driki needs to make images in wiki pages available for drupal image api.
  • macros - driki does not need to interpret macros.
  • blacklisting - driki editors need to have a maintainable list of expressions which are not supposed to be interpreted. (this is where the macros go.)


we had to learn it the hard way: performance is a feature!
furthermore performance is a feature you definetly don't want to miss. as rest-api calls can be very expensive, we want our module to cache these requests.

please check this guide and know about cache api

the cache api examples module is part of this repo.


as this is why filters have been invented, we better use them.
luckily there are some wiki filters out there already:

both are already part of this repo.
the idea is, you only need to tweek the filter a little in order to embrace another wiki dialect.
to me it appears that flexifilter is somewhat superior to other possible solutions.

proof of concept

the wiki dialect we want to target first is redmine wiki! as described here and here

please keep in mind that we have to use drupal filters in order to adjust it to different dialects in the future. scope of the current job is redmine-wiki however.

obviously we'll start with trying to read this wiki into drupal. which is the only reason why i add a foto of my very first successful geo-cache location here:

further info

read about redmine rest-api
read about how to access wiki pages via rest-api

this machine has rest-service and jasonp support enabled.
you should be able to access this page from drupal, using your api key and above information.


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